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Auto Detailing in Stratford, ConnecticutWhen you first get a new car, you love how everything is clean and smells fantastic! After spending some time with your vehicle, you will notice how things start to get grimy or dusty. That new-car smell is long-gone, and you might be wondering where you can go to get a proper detailing done. In the Stratford, Connecticut area, there is only one place you’ll want to go for detailing that is as serious as you are about your vehicle care: Panache Auto Werke.

At Panache Auto Werke, we are meticulous with our auto detailing— both interior and exterior. We want to restore your car to its like-new condition and take the time to ensure that everything is clean, tidy, resorted and protected for future drives. We are able to do our auto detailing in an expansive, 9000+-square-foot facility that is both secure and temperature-controlled, ensuring all our cleaning and detailing products are able to perform optimally and that the weather will have no effect on our detailing time.

We understand that you are serious about your car care when you come to Panache Auto Werke, and that is why you will love that we deliver the best in quality with our customers each and every time. Whether you have an exotic, domestic or a foreign vehicle that you want detailed, we are able to accommodate you. To learn more about our auto detailing process or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today for a premium detailing experience.

FAQs About Auto Detailing

At Panache Auto Werke, we know that you’ll love how we can transform your vehicle with our auto detailing service. We also understand that you want to feel confident entrusting your vehicle to us, so you probably have several questions you want addressed before you choose us. We are always happy to address your concerns. Here are a few common questions about our auto detailing services.

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What kind of cleaning products do you use during auto detailing?

We use products from highly trusted Adam’s Polishes, a Colorado company that sells premium car products all over the world and has been in business for more than two decades. They offer both interior and exterior hand car wash polishes and cleaning products that we have found to do a great job.

How long does auto detailing take?

The vehicle model and the degree of restoration needed affect how long it will take. Any additional services you desire can also affect the time needed. Generally speaking, you can expect it to take anywhere from 40 minutes for a hand wash to an hour or more for a full detail. We can give you a better idea once we see your vehicle and know what you wish to be done. Rest assured that we work as quickly as we can without sacrificing quality.

Is every auto detailing project the same?

No, only the high quality that we achieve is the same. We offer three levels of auto detailing services to meet your needs, and you can choose additional services you need as well. For example, your vehicle might require carpet steam cleaning while someone else might not need that. We will assess your vehicle and let you know our recommendation about how to get your vehicle looking its best.

Auto Detailing in Fairfield, CT

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