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Rejuvenate the paintwork of your vehicle.

Restore and rejuvenate your car’s exterior with professional paint correction performed by our team at Panache Auto Werke. Paint correction is a process that involves removing imperfections from a vehicle’s surface. These imperfections dull, haze, or oxidize the surface of the car by reflecting light in multiple directions, detracting from a clean, sharp reflection. These can include things like bird dropping etchings, fine scratches, swirl marks, acid rain etching, random isolated deep scratches, and more.

Paint Correction in Stratford, Connecticut

After a strip wash to remove any prior waxes, sealants and dirt particles, we clay the entire car to remove any metallic debris or dust particles stuck to the car’s surface. You can feel those by running your bare hand on the hood of your car and feeling the roughness of sandpaper. Claying is an extensive exercise, and it allows us to remove the invisible bonded particles from the car’s surface. After that, the paint correction process starts.

During the paint correction process, we do not merely cover up imperfections with a filler-based product. Rather, we remove a small amount of clear coat from the car’s surface using abrasive polishes to level out the surface. We then completely wash the vehicle to remove any debris and loose dirt, and then move forward with claying to remove any contaminants bonded to the surface.

We then polish the vehicle using a multistage process. We use many types of polish throughout this process, from heavier cutting compounds to finer products to refine the finish. We also use a paint depth gauge to measure how deep the paint on the metal panel is at all phases of polishing to ensure a uniform effect. Once the full paint correction process is complete, the paintwork will shine unlike ever before, since there are no more imperfections to scatter the light in different directions.

It’s highly recommended to finish off by applying a sealant or ceramic coating to keep your paint from going back into previous stage. Inquire within for a quote.

Make your car’s appearance better than ever before with professional paint correction. We serve the Stratford, Connecticut area here at Panache Auto Werke and would love to work on your vehicle – call us today!

Paint Correction in Fairfield, CT


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