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With our car buffing expertise, your vehicle will look even better than new!

If you prefer that your vehicle looks its best, it makes sense to have a professional handle your auto detailing. At Panache Auto Werke, we offer a variety of detailing services, including car buffing that will improve your vehicle’s appearance. Car buffing is a process using a high-quality waxing compound to smooth out the surface to bring out the vibrancy of the paint color. Depending on the surface of your vehicle, we might recommend that polishing be done prior to car buffing so that imperfections can be addressed. Since buffing only affects a minute top layer, it isn’t effective for removing oxidation or other defects.

Car Buffing in Stratford, Connecticut

The key to a quality car buffing is to put it into the hands of an experienced professional. Attempting to do this yourself can result in doing more harm than good. We have the expertise to choose the correct buffing technique, equipment, and buffing pads to produce dazzling results with no danger of damage. We also have the ability to tell when the condition of a vehicle is such that car buffing won’t help, because the paint is too far gone to be helped in this manner. We will be upfront about this so you don’t waste your money.

We take the time to understand what our Stratford, Connecticut customers want to accomplish with car buffing so that we use the appropriate products and techniques. By using high-quality compounds, we can get you the deep shine you desire rather than the cloudy appearance that often happens when a low-quality polish is used. You can rest assured that your vehicle will come out great after a visit to our 9,000+ square-foot indoor, temperature-controlled facility.

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