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We’re a full-service auto performance shop that caters to vehicles designed to exceed expectations.

If your automotive interests tend to fall on the performance side of the industry, our team at Panache Auto Werke is on your side. We love performance and high-end models, whether they’re sports cars, luxury SUVs, or exotic imports. We’re a full-service auto performance shop that caters to vehicles designed to exceed expectations. When you drive a performance vehicle off the lot, you may have ideas of how you want to make it even better and more customized to your own personal interests and desires. Our technicians can help turn those ideas into reality, providing customization and enhancement options for all makes and models.

Auto Performance Shop in Fairfield, Connecticut

As an auto performance shop, we offer options designed to boost the performance of high-end vehicles. In order to maintain the integrity of your vehicle, we go to great lengths to exceed quality standards and provide an excellent experience to our clients. Some of our performance offerings include spring/coilover installations, exhaust upgrades, turbo/supercharger upgrades, and engine swaps an upgrades. If you have a specific concern with your vehicle’s performance, bring it to our shop and talk to one of our experienced and knowledgeable technicians. We’ll work through your concerns and come up with a plan that will take the car to the next level.

As a premier auto performance shop in the Fairfield, Connecticut area, we represent the highest in quality of work and service. In addition to providing performance enhancements and upgrades, we’re available to take care of your vehicle’s appearance through interior and exterior detailing, and we can apply exterior coatings to further protect the car, truck, or SUV from damage.

Auto Performance Shop


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