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We can help you determine which spring/coilover installation best suits your unique driving habits.

Every driver on the road has different driving habits. If you are interested in a spring/coilover installation, we will carefully discuss these habits with you before making a recommendation for your vehicle. We will want to know how many miles you typically drive, what types of roads you generally use and other details of your life behind the wheel.

Spring/Coilover Installation in Fairfield, Connecticut

There are lots of different reasons that people come see us at Panache Auto Werke for spring/coilover installation:

  • Worn out coils: No matter how carefully you operate your vehicle, the springs and coils of your suspension eventually wear out and need to be replaced and upgraded.
  • Looking for a different level of performance: New spring/coilover installation can totally transform the responsiveness of your vehicle while driving.
  • Changing the ride height of the vehicle: Whether you want a higher or lower ride height, we can help you achieve it.
  • Creating an off-road vehicle: The coilover springs in off-road vehicles must be able to stand up to various trail debris and other challenges.

We can source coilover springs in every height, spring rate and inside/outside diameter. Talk to us about your performance objectives and planned application, and we can help find the right parts for your vehicle and need. We have a dedicated team of employees standing by to provide superior spring/coilover installation using top brands that are going to give you the performance you want as you drive in or near Fairfield, Connecticut. Call or come see us today for shocks, bushing, springs and more.

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