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Turn to us for automotive enhancements that will increase performance and the enjoyment of your vehicle.

When a new vehicle rolls off the assembly line, it is absolutely perfect, right? While some would agree with this statement, others may already be thinking of automotive enhancements to make. At Panache Auto Werke, we love working with people who want to take their vehicle a step further to get more performance and other benefits that the manufacturer didn’t choose to do. Here are a few of the automotive enhancements we can help you with:

Automotive Enhancements in Stratford, Connecticut

  • Turbo/supercharger upgrades- If you would like to increase the horsepower of your vehicle, either a supercharger or turbo upgrade can do that for you. There are pros and cons to each type of upgrade, and we’re happy to go over them with you so you can make an informed decision about your automotive enhancements.
  • Suspension modifications- The suspension is one of the areas where the engineers deal with cost limitations to the point where you won’t often get the ride and handling you want, especially if you want better than the average driver. With such modifications as a performance coilover strut tower brace, and swapping to different wheels and tires, we can help you get the performance you desire.
  • Exhaust upgrades- You can gain a number of performance benefits by upgrading the exhaust system on your vehicle, including a more aggressive exhaust rumble and more power from the engine.
  • Engine swaps- Granted, this is on the extreme end of automotive enhancements, especially if you have a newer vehicle with plenty of miles left on the current engine, but if you are looking for more power and other benefits, a different engine can give you that.

If you are looking for automotive enhancements that will take your vehicle to a new level of performance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We handle a variety of auto services for our Stratford, Connecticut customers at our 90,000+ square-foot facility and look forward to helping you turn your vehicle into one you’ll love even more.

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