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Our expert suspension modifications can help you achieve your performance objectives.

When automobile designers and engineers are making decisions about vehicle components, they are not just considering performance. They have serious cost limitations to consider, and they make many of their decisions to increase the profitability of the vehicle rather than prioritizing the performance or enjoyment of the driver controlling the vehicle. This is understandable, but it also means that most cars have less than optimal ride and handling when they arrive at the dealership.

Suspension Modifications in Stratford, Connecticut

As a car owner, you can choose to make aftermarket changes to your vehicle that can dramatically enhance the ride and handling, as well as other performance areas like fuel economy or power. One of the performance enhancements that we specialize in here at Panache Auto Werke is suspension modifications. Suspension modifications can create a smoother ride, better handling or can give your vehicle improved off-road capabilities.

We can install new suspension components sourced from thousands of retailers and we enhance domestic, foreign and even exotic makes and models. Some examples of common suspension modifications we perform include different springs, improved shocks, stabilizer bars, enhanced carbon plates, lift kits and strut tower braces. We use top brands like KW Suspension, Ohlins, Road & Track and more. We can also fine-tune the alignment of your vehicle, allowing us to lower it or change the look it has while you drive down the road.

Whether you are looking for a trusted team to replace worn parts or to make your vehicle truly unique in the Stratford, Connecticut area, come see us.

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