Is Ceramic Pro Coating Right for You?

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Whether you have just spiffed up your car’s paint job or have a new car that you want to protect, there are many hazards out there that can eat away at that shiny new paint job. Here at Panache Auto Werke, we understand that you are looking for an effective and worry-free way to protect your car’s paint job. Persistent waxing and protective coatings only go so far, and a more permanent and strong option for your paint job is Ceramic Pro coating. Even with all this information, you might be wondering if a Ceramic Pro coating is the right solution for your vehicle. Here are a few ways to decide if it’s the best choice for you.

strong option for your paint job is Ceramic Pro coating

First, do you want a superior paint protection product? Ceramic Pro coating is so much more than a wax; it is a ceramic nano-technology coating that actually bonds with the paint, creating a strong, scratch-resistant, fade-resistant layer that lasts for years. Waxes don’t last long, but Ceramic Pro coatings sure do!

Second, do you want to drive your car without worry? With a Ceramic Pro coating, you can drive and park your vehicle without much concern for it. Even in full sun, your car will be safe from fading. You also don’t need to worry about issues like sap, dirt or bird droppings, since these all clean off easily.

Finally, do you want to protect your vehicle? A Ceramic Pro coating is a great way to protect the investment of your paint job. This coating helps to protect the paint, which protects your investment in your vehicle.

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