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Love Shopping? Consider Window Tinting!When you go to one store and return home without any other stops along the way, you can feel pretty confident that your purchases will arrive home safely. However, a day of shopping with multiple stops can leave you at risk of theft. Smash-and-grab vehicle thefts are not just common during the holidays, but can happen any time of the year.

One way to reduce the chance of this happening is to keep your purchases out of view from those walking by. Window tinting is an excellent proactive solution that keeps your purchases from being seen and protects the interior of your car from damaging UV rays.

In Connecticut, there are no limitations on the tint darkness that can be used on back seat side windows or the rear window. There are restrictions for the windshield and the front seat side windows, however. When using window tinting as a crime deterrent, the impetus will be on you to be sure your packages are in the back and not visible from the front of the vehicle. If you have an SUV that is equipped with a pull-across privacy guard in the back area, be sure to use that as well for added protection.

If you would like to learn about window tinting for your car, truck, or SUV to keep your purchases and family out of sight, reach out to us at Panache Auto Werke. We’ll be happy to go over the many other benefits you can realize with a professional window tinting project.