What is a Hydrophobic Coating and How Does
it Work?

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When you are looking for a protective coating for your vehicle, you will most likely turn to something like a wax or a sealant first. The issue with these types of coatings is that they are only partially effective, and they need frequent reapplication in order to give you the same level of protection. Here at Panache Auto Werke, we help clients often who are looking for better ways to preserve the paint on their vehicle, and that is why we offer hydrophobic coatings such as Ceramic Pro. What are hydrophobic coatings? Let’s discuss.

There are many natural cases of hydrophobic coatings

“Hydrophobic” is a term that applies to anything that will cause water to bead up and roll off rather than be absorbed. There are many natural cases of hydrophobic coatings, including things like a butterfly wing, duck feathers, and even certain types of leaves. While waxes get you close to the desired effect, hydrophobic coatings that we can add to your vehicles will show you the real deal. Like water off a duck’s back, hydrophobic coatings assist in dirt, debris, and moisture running off easily.

Hydrophobic coatings like Ceramic Pro bond to the molecules in your paint job, making the surface incredibly strong and highly hydrophobic. These types of coatings protect your paint at the molecular level, ensuring that the paint isn’t going to fade, scratch or peel off if left in the sun. An excellent product that makes your car easier to clean, a hydrophobic coating is a great option for anyone looking to protect their investment in their vehicle.

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