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Our caliper services include rebuilding and customization.

Calipers are crucial components of the brake system within a vehicle. According to some automotive experts, the calipers are actually some of the most important parts of a brake system, housing the brake pads and pistons. When you apply the brake pedal, the calipers create friction with the rotors, slowing down the wheels. Each caliper fits against the wheel’s rotor like a clamp, and fluid within the system puts pressure on the pistons that press the pads against the rotor. While many auto owners don’t know much about each component within the brake system, most know when something isn’t working right.

Caliper Services in Stratford, Connecticut

At Panache Auto Werke, we offer caliper services to keep these important braking components in good condition. We can also alter the appearance of the calipers, helping your vehicle to stand out. Many high-end performance vehicles show off red accents on the calipers and other brake system components, adding some flair to the appearance of the car. Carbon fiber is also a lightweight material that can reduce the weight of your vehicle and even make it more aerodynamic or perform at a higher level. We can add carbon fiber to your calipers for an eye-catching look, or we can paint them in a bright shade. Our caliper services also include rebuilding and customization, all handled by skilled and experienced professionals.

We can provide caliper services on all makes and models. If you have any questions about your vehicle’s calipers and what we can do, give us a call or stop by our location in Stratford, Connecticut.

Caliper Services in Fairfield, CT


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