Ceramic Pro Coating

Get the best in ceramic technology with a Ceramic Pro coating.

Discerning car owners know there is more to taking care of a vehicle than maintenance checks and car washes. Here at Panache Auto Werke, we take care of the customers who want to go the extra mile in terms of services and car protection for their vehicles. Ceramic Pro coating services are something that we offer to our customers for extra protection for their paint job. A Ceramic Pro coating is not just another wax or sealant, but instead a completely different product that you’ll love the minute it is done curing.

Ceramic Pro Coating in Stratford, Connecticut

Ceramic Pro is a liquid, clear nano-ceramic technology that bonds to the molecules of your car’s paint job. Once bonded and cured, a Ceramic Pro coating becomes a glassy, clear and durable finish that protects your car with diamond-like strength. Scratch-resistant, UV-ray protection is available to any type of vehicle, no matter the color with this incredible coating, and it is something you will always be glad you did for your vehicle.

When we apply the Ceramic Pro coating to your vehicle, you can feel confident that the job will be done flawlessly and to your specifications. Because our shop consists of a 9,000+-square-foot climate-controlled and secure area, there will be no weather interferences or security problems for you to worry about when it comes to your vehicle– only safety, security, and the best in ceramic coating technology.

Because Ceramic Pro coatings come in various types and packages, we here at Panache Auto Werke, serving the Stratford, Connecticut area, would be happy to go over your options with you to select the right choice for your car and needs. Contact us or visit us today to learn more.

Ceramic Pro Coating in Fairfield, CT

CERAMIC PRO: It’s the most complete and durable protective coating system in the automotive industry. This is a known fact! It has been verified by the world’s leading independent testing services SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. Drive a new car every day, that’s the promise of Ceramic Pro.

CERAMIC PRO 9H is a single to multi-layered coating that transforms the surface of your vehicle into a Highly Reflective, Extremely Hard, Hydrophobic, Scratch Resistant, Chemical Resistant, UV Resistant, Thermally Resistant Surface with Anti-Graffiti properties.  Hardness and scratch resilience increases with the number of coatings applied.

CERAMIC PRO LIGHT is a protective coating with a durability of up to 24 months that features a High Gloss Finish, Super Hydrophobic Effect, Chemical Resistance, UV Resistance, Thermal Resistance and Anti-Grafitti Properties.
The unique formulation of Light enables it to be layered up to 2 times for even more gloss and protection, for best results Ceramic Pro Light can be applied over Ceramic Pro 9H to increase gloss and super hydrophobic effect.

CERAMIC PRO WHEEL & CALIPER is a coating specifically designed to protect the part of your vehicle that encounters the harshest driving environment. Brake particles can reach temperatures as high as 800 degrees F and penetrate the surface of your wheel, almost creating a permanent bond. The same particles can attach to the finish of your brake calipers making their appearance degrade drastically over time. CERAMIC PRO WHEEL & CALIPER eliminates this effect and virtually keeps your wheels and calipers factory new

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