Hydrophobic Coating

A hydrophobic coating does more than just resist water on your car’s exterior.

Hydrophobic is a word that represents things that can repel water. Although a car is made of metal, a material that can repel water to some extent, the exterior of a vehicle can become etched or otherwise damaged when it experiences prolonged exposure to moisture. Since we drive our cars outside in the elements, where they are exposed to rain, snow, and humidity, they can start to wear out and look less than appealing over time. You can protect your investment by bringing your vehicle to Panache Auto Werke for a hydrophobic coating application. This type of coating is part of an innovative and advanced system of coatings that was developed to address the needs of auto owners.

Hydrophobic Coating in Stratford, Connecticut

A hydrophobic coating does more than just resist water on your car’s exterior. When properly applied, this material can resist corrosion, damage associated with major temperature fluctuations, and abrasion. Additionally, hydrophobic coatings can add an extra glossy layer that makes your car’s paint job really shine.

Our technicians can apply a hydrophobic coating to your car quickly and efficiently, creating a permanent protective barrier against damage. By choosing to add this layer to your vehicle, you can enjoy a high level of paint protection that can potentially lessen the risk of minor scratches, enhance the shine, and resist chemical damage. Contact our team at Panache Auto Werke to learn more about this service and how it can benefit your vehicle. We’re one of the leading providers of exclusive automotive services and enhancements in the Stratford, Connecticut area.